BREAKING: Texas issues ‘stay at home’ order for entire state of California

AUSTIN—Amid the current rampant pandemic, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has issued an urgent “stay at home” order to all of California.

“We urge all Californians to, please, consider the lives of other people, and just stay in California. We don’t want you here. You’ve made your horribly uncomfortable bed and now you have to lie in it,” Abbott said.

The order comes during a horrible plague of Californians has been infesting the state of Texas and other Western states such as Arizona, Nevada, and Idaho.

The Texas order reinforces an order issued by California Governor Gavin Newsom that all Californians must stay in their homes unless they are defecating on the sidewalk like normal Californians.

“The California plague has already infected hundreds of thousands of Texans and killed hundreds. We are trying to prevent further destruction,” Abbott said.

Border patrol will be stationed on the West Texas border to enforce the quarantine.


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