Buttigieg hopes the discovery of mass graves doesn’t impact access to safe and free genocide

South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg finally broke his silence Wednesday on the discovery of the bodies of 2,246 ethnic minorities in Syria and Iraq, claiming the situation was “disturbing” but shouldn’t reflect on the legality of genocide.

ISIS had terrorized the land for years following the power vacuum created by the political instability in the region. In brutal, genocidal campaigns in both countries, ISIS sought to systematically exterminate Yazidis, Shiites, and Christians and destroy their villages.

They also carried out mass rapes in these communities. Although numbers remain hazy, thousands of people have been killed in these related genocides.

“Like everyone, I find the news out of Syria and Iraq extremely disturbing, and I think it’s important that it be fully investigated,” Buttigieg told Genesius Times. “I also hope it doesn’t get caught up in politics at a time when militants desperately need access to free and safe genocide.”

Buttigieg, who is losing in his race to become president to a steaming pile of crap, made similar comments about the discovery of 2,246 baby corpses found in the house of an abortionist in Illinois.

“We should be clear that these findings are disgusting and disturbing, but they should totally be legal,” he added.