CDC predicts emergence of several deadly viruses if Trump wins


ATLANTA—COVID-19 season is winding up, no it’s winding down, no the cases are skyrocketing but the hospitals are empty. The vaccine is on the way, hold it, this vaccine may be only 40 percent effective just like the flu shot. And what about all the people who are going to be killed by the vaccine? STOP! Nobody, and I mean nobody has any freakin’ clue. It spreads like the common cold but sometimes causes pneumonia we call it Novel?

Now the CDC has been pretty much wrong about everything. So has the WHO, NIH, Public Health Organizations, US Public Health Service, and just about every local Board of Health in blue states, basically the predictions being just slightly less than a monkey throwing darts at a COVID-19 dart board. I think we can all agree that as soon as the word ‘expert’ is uttered, “Run, Forest, Run.”

So we here at GT wonder what will the world look like as we transition into the Flu season which has always been a yearly pandemic-lite which we ignore? We think we know exactly what will happen. Between the flu/common cold/COVID, the Democrats will try another lockdown/shutdown and the Republicans will just deal with it. Maybe we can spice it up a bit with the Bubonic plague that seems to be making a well deserved comeback in America.

Human plague cases in the United States, 1970-2018. All naturally occurring cases of human plague occur in the western United States, with a majority of cases clustering in northern New Mexico and Arizona and southern Colorado.

But the CDC isn’t done making predictions. The first was when Joe Biden wins, love will break out across this great nation of ours and when it comes to the Flu and COVID-19 as Joe Biden has repeatedly said quoting Josephine Angelini: See below

Now should Trump win, the CDC predicts we will have over 300,000,000 deaths in the US alone. If Biden wins, 123, because he will personally be in charge of all the calculations needed for these predictions and bless his demented little heart, he can only count to 3 leading to the 1.2.3. prediction. Hey, has anyone seen Joe’s Depends? It needs some stat changing here.


"Excuse me, has this joke been fact-checked?"

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