CDC recommends 4th booster shot for those who haven’t died yet

ATLANTA—The Centers for Disease Control and Promotion (CDC) is now recommending a fourth COVID vaccine booster shot for all of those who haven’t died from the first three shots.

“We are seeing far too many people still walking around as if everything’s normal,” CDC Director Rochelle Walensky said in a press conference explaining the recommendation. “This is not normal! This is a pandemic and people should be getting shots in a pandemic!”

Walensky said that the fourth booster shot is necessary to achieve the depopulation goal of the vaccination program.

“This is not what we expected when we designed these with Bill Gates to achieve a 10 percent population decrease,” Walensky said.

Bill Gates, founder of the Gates of Hell Foundation, has stated publicly that the goal was always to make the global population more sustainable.

“We probably should have made COVID-19 deadlier to begin with,” Gates said of his first biological weapon. “The vaccine was supposed to finish the job that the bioweapon didn’t do but it’s not really working as we expected. A third shot will have to happen.”

Walensky said it’s a win win.

“Really, you want a situation where people will need to keep getting expensive pharmaceuticals paid for by government theft until they die. I don’t really see a loser in this scenario,” Walensky said.



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