Celebrities show support for ‘Defund the Police’ by adding dozens more security guards

We all recognize Hollywood represents the best humanity has to offer. We know that because they tell us every day. Now we just need to to make sure these supernatural iconic treasures remain safe and sound as they advocate for defunding the police.

And, as we see below, Hollywood takes diversity seriously. Since 99 percent of Black Lives Matter membership is white, so is the newest contingent of security guards surrounding both Jane Fonda’s and Lizzo’s homes. Being 100 percent in Black and White uniforms checks all the boxes each guard comes with a small can of blackface should the need arise.

Celebrities like Natalie Portman want a bit more, and as we see below she has arranged a diverse group of security guards to surrounded her as she signed the open letter to defund the police across America. Her spokesperson, Shyster McShyster said, “Look, she’s down with the struggle y’all. She gets it. Her net worth of 350 million dollars doesn’t mean a thing when it comes to understanding the daily struggles of black and brown people. Paying $3/hour is really pretty generous. The security guards that have been imported were only making $9/year so they’re pretty darn happy. And the guy with the really nice uniform in front, why he’s making almost $10/hr.”

Not to be outdone, Beyonce has hired singing security guards to surround her home. Just to ensure diversity, the singing guards will include a red-headed mixed-breed midget who can be seen in the back row. Keep looking…..There, you got it.

In the end it certainly looks like Hollywood is all in with Defund the Police.


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