CNN: Biden expertly steers car during Presidential Townhall

(CNN) The most popular president in the history of the world expertly steered a car during the Presidential Townhall last night.

“Some people may have been wondering what he was doing with his hands up like that waiting for something. Well, little did they know, he was actually steering his Little Tikes car around,” CNN anchor Brian Stelter said.

Misinformation profiteers have been spreading an edited version of the video on the Internet without the Little Tikes car and it looks silly:

“But that’s just propaganda,” Stelter continued. “They’re trying to make our wonderful president who is completely of sound mind look like he’s lost it, which he clearly hasn’t. He was driving a Little Tikes car, expertly.”

Biden didn’t crash during the incident. He kept the Little Tikes car going straight to the amazement of all 15 people watching.

“I’d like to see Trump do something like that!” Stelter added.


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