CNN: Biden to ensure this supply chain stays open

WASHINGTON, DC—President* Biden is working nonstop to combat the supply chain issues that President* Biden is creating. But he has ensured the American public that he will make absolutely sure that the supply chain of illegal immigrants will always stay open.

“We are going to do everything we can to keep the supply chain of undocumented immigrants flowing into the Unites States open despite the other supply chains collapsing,” Biden said through his translator in a press conference at the White House.

The Biden Administration has crippled the ability to create and move goods around the globe. On Monday, a record 170 vessels, including 114 container ships, were hanging around ports in Los Angeles and Long Beach, according to Marine Exchange of Southern California.

The problem is so bad that people are already lining up for Black Friday deals outside of the shipping containers instead of their local Best Buy stores.

“Nothing will help ease the skyrocketing inflation like bringing in more demand on top of our printing trillions of dollars,” Biden added.

Biden’s Commerce Secretary Pete Buttigieg has promised to ease supply chain issues by making all the highways in the US gay.


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