CNN creates list of NFL teams who have not ‘acknowledged the Eagles are Superbowl LV Champions’

Yesterday, Brianna Keilar, the host of CNN’s “Right Now” put up a list of NFL teams who have not publicly, “acknowledged the Philadelphia Eagles are Superbowl LV Champions.”

Earlier this week, Fox News declared the Eagles Superbowl LV Champions despite teams still only half-way through the 2020-2021 season. CNN followed suit and has thus far has refused to broadcast any stories that indicate the Superbowl winner has not been officially determined.

The game’s final score has yet to be determined but CNN stands by their declared victor. Any players or coaches who question the results are subject to doxing, shaming and ridicule.

“The teams are silent, emboldening any challengers as they refuse to concede,” said Keilar. “Obviously, these teams are 100% full of white supremacists.”

The only team to accept the media-declared results is the Washington Football Team, who have already lost all ability to stand up for themselves against woke authority.


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