CNN will no longer fact check Biden because his lies are ‘mostly true’

(CNN) We at CNN pride ourselves in being the premier fact checker in the world of journalism (how refreshing). We were stunning and brave during the Trump era when we fact checked the president for every small misdeed and minor indiscretion, without any regard to the truth or facts. It was strenuous at certain times and exhausting at others, but we’ve come out stronger than ever before.

Our readers have probably noticed a considerable reduction in fact checking during the Biden era. Why? It’s because Biden has a (D) after his name, something which Trump did not have during his presidency. We consider Biden’s statements, therefore, as gospel and ‘mostly true’, even if in reality such statements are ‘mostly false’ and run contrary to the truth.

This is the beauty of working for a fake news organization like CNN. You can be a political activist for the Democrat Party while masquerading as an objective reporter. You can report on countless stories which ending up being totally false, and there are zero consequences You can call what’s true – false, and what’s false – true, without any accountability whatsoever. It’s really a beautiful thing. It’s something we should all aspire to do.

Fact check: 100% true.


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