Cuomo orders Murder Hornets to be placed in nursing homes

The same government that protected us from the WuhanVirus, will protect us from hornets, Trust Big Brother.


The same government officials who encouraged trade with China, resulting in yet another viral pandemic from the Communist Regime, is here to protect us from the newest threat. Japanese Giant Hornets, also known as Murder Hornets, have invaded Washington State, and could soon enter parts of the United States of America. Several government officials are passing edicts to deal with the situation.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has ordered Murder Hornets placed in nursing homes.

California Governor Gavin Newsom has offered free housing, tuition, and exemption from all traffic laws for Murder Hornets. Newsom is demanding Donald Trump give an addition 10 billion dollars to offset the budget problems for the Murder Hornet Amnesty.

Michigan Governor Whitmer has now not only banned seeds, but ordered the destruction of all non-Monsanto approved gardens to prevent murder hornets from having areas to nest in.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has been more compromising by allowing Murder Hornets to live in New York as long as none of them are Jewish.

Michael Bloomberg, the financial genius who wasted millions to lose to Commie Bernie and Sleepy Joe, has ordered his moms demand action director Shannon Watts, to retool the AstroTurf organization from banning guns, to banning stingers on all insects. Justin Trudeau, The Prime Minister of The People’s Republic of Canada, has passed a law with a similar ban.

Judge Eric Moye of Texas, who jailed Salon Owner Shelley Luther, has threatened Murder Hornets with $500 a day and 7 days in jail if they operate a nest in the Dallas area. His orders could be rescinded if he is voted out and replaced with Jessica Voyce Lewis.

United States Senator Joe Biden, who yesterday thought he was President of the United States, ordered all AR-15s to be replaced with Pool Chains. Biden’s wife was able to put Sleepy Joe back in the basement by holding her phone and showing girls peeing in their pants on TikTok.

More orders from government officials on a state and local level will come soon.

All orders from government officials regarding hornets overturn any parts of the US Constitution by order of Judge Kristine Baker of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Arkansas.


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