Democrats charge Amy Barrett with racism for only having 2 black children

US–Democrats across the country have declared President Trump’s third Supreme Court Justice nominee Amy Coney Barrett racist for only having two black children.

“I mean if she had three children she adopted from Haitian orphanages, then she’d be okay in my book, but two? She’s literally Hitler,” Pat Farfegnugen of Portland said.

Among Barrett’s children, she has five biological and two who were adopted from Haiti.  

“She’s also clearly anti-woman, having a successful career and being a loving mother at the same time. She’s literally a literal embodiment of the Patriarchy,” Fargegnugen said.

Barrett’s entire family was present at the White House ceremony in which Trump announced her nomination.

“White supremacists use tactics like love and care of people of color in order to prove that they’re better than us,” Black Lives Matter Treasurer Dominick Farrakhan said. “So clearly Mrs. Barrett is a racist for adopting two people of color and horrifically treating them like children.”