Democrats learning from Labour’s big loss will increase name-calling by 150%

Top Democrats in the Unites States are learning from UK’s left-leaning Labour Party’s big defeat this week after a spokesman said they didn’t call enough people racist.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said that they are going to shift gears from impeachment to calling more people racist.

“It’s clear that too many people aren’t aware that they’re racist, so we’re going to make sure they know. That way, we’ll be sure to win in 2020,” Pelosi said.

Analysts say the plan is a surefire way to win hearts and minds.

“You see, people don’t really believe in the free market or smaller, local government, they’re just racist and if you tell them that, they will acknowledge their offenses and vote Democratic,” Democratic political analyst Jack Ace said.

Racist isn’t the only acceptable name to call a Republican voter. “Imposter,” “Unlce Tom,” “deplorable,” “old white man,” and “free-thinker,” are all great names to call people who won’t agree with everything you say.

And name calling isn’t the only tactic the Democrats will use to generate more votes in 2020.

“Name calling, beating people with red MAGA hats, weird interpretive eco-dancing, and screaming into the air at nothing in particular are great ways to generate more voter support for the Democrats,” Ace added.


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