DNC to take 90% of Bernie’s votes and redistribute them to less popular candidates

The new front-running candidate for the Democratic nominee, Bernie Sanders, is facing some new opposition.

The Democratic National Committee will be taking 90 percent of his primary votes and redistributing them to less popular candidates like Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg.

UPDATE: Pete Buttigieg, dubbed Mayor Cheat will be receiving the majority of the redistributed votes as he appears to be the establishment pick.

The move has received heat from hard-working Bernie supporters. “We have put so much time and effort into this campaign. It doesn’t seem fair to just take 90 percent of the votes we earned and give them to less popular candidates,” Bernie Bro Mikey Nickels said.

“Bernie is the 1% of political candidates, getting most of the votes,” a spokesman for Michael Bloomberg said, “It’s just not fair that he gets all the money and we’re left to make due with what we have.”

The move even garnered a tweet from President Trump:

“Poor Bernie! This will be the second time the DNC does with his votes what he wants to do with other people’s money,” Trump tweeted.


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