Elon Musk sets new world record for not killing himself after revealing Deep State censorship

US—Last month Genesius Times, and News That Matters heralded Elon Musk’s new world record for not killing himself after publicly insulting Hillary Clinton.

This month, Elon has established another World Record in yet another event: Not killing yourself after publicly whistle-blowing Deep State Censorship of Free Speech. Elon recently exposed evidence of how Twitter executives and employees followed direct marching orders of the political ruling class to silence the speech of any person deemed a political enemy.

Many American Political commentators are starting to murmur about how Elon might establish a new sport altogether – a new Biathlon or Triathlon, if you will. Only instead of skiing, shooting a Rifle, running, cycling, or swimming, for example — one would successfully ‘not kill oneself’ after speaking publicly, freely, and openly in a variety of categories.

Elon has established at least two World Records so far:
1. Not killing oneself after publicly insulting Hillary Clinton.
2. Not killing oneself after whistle-blowing on Deep state censorship.

The possibilities for additional records to constitute a new Iron man/Biathlon/Triathlon are endless.:
3. Not killing oneself after being in prison with a detailed knowledge of Deep State sins (Current Record held by Ghislaine Maxwell)
4. Not killing oneself after having information that will lead to Hillary Clinton’s Arrest (Current record held by Ken Starr, who made it nearly 30 years.)
5. Not killing oneself after exposing Election integrity issues (Current world record holder is not clear. Contenders are: Trump, Mike Lindell, and roughly 50% of the American population).

Please stay tuned as we continue to monitor these new American pastimes, that are developing from the ashes of all our previously cherished freedoms and pastimes – which continue to burn to the ground each day before our very eyes.


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