‘Fetuses are parasites’ says socialist rep who lives completely on extorted taxpayer money

Since Alabama’s groundbreaking abortion heartbeat bill was passed, many from across the political spectrum have come out against it. Prominent Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says the bill is awful.

“The bill is really bad because fetuses are just parasites,” said the Congresswoman who relies solely on extorted taxpayer money to live.

“Fetuses are just leeches feeding off of hardworking mothers without doing anything positive in return. Take, take, take; that’s all they do,” Ocasio-Cortez said as she took a bite of dinner paid for by American taxpayers.

“Abortion bans aren’t just about controlling women’s bodies,” Ocasio-Cortez tweeted later. “They’re about controlling women’s sexuality. Enslaving women.”

Ocasio-Cortez is known for her democratic socialist political philosophy which would enslave every individual for the benefit of the collective.

“Basically everyone should be taxed 100% by threat of imprisonment. But everyone should be able to kill all the babies they want.”


"Excuse me, has this joke been fact-checked?"

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