Flu virus claims ‘I get no respect, no respect at all’

Of course the coronavirus is serious business. One additional death compounding an already active Flu season is too many. But is the global panic really indicated at this time?

To answer that we must put COVID-19 into perspective. Flu? For the week ending Feb. 29, there were 22,000 deaths, 144 sadly enough were children. coronavirus? 100 deaths total to date, one kid. That’s weekly flu vs. total C-virus.

Let’s look at prior pandemics and their mortality rates. SARS, 10%. MERS, 40%, COVID-19, 0.7% from preliminary numbers, but may be as high as 1%.

Putting everything in perspective, COVID-19 is an insignificantly more dangerous respiratory infection compared to seasonal Flu but nothing like SARS or MERS.

Let’s go a bit further and look at Mexico, Central America and South America and why there are almost no cases there. Why? Uh, it’s really hot there. It’s summertime in South America. What happens to Flu season as we head into Spring and Summer? It goes away. What will happen to COVID-19 as we head into Spring and Summer? It’ll go away.

TBL? The mighty Flu has been upended by this poser. What has the Flu done? Why it’s just applied for a “National Panic Permit” for next years’ Flu season, that’s what. And who can blame it?


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