Florida man dies from COVID-19 minutes after dying in a car accident

Evidence is beginning to mount that young and healthy people can contract COVID-19 and die from the horrifying disease. Florida health officials reported that a 32-year-old Daytona resident, Carl Junior, with no preexisting conditions has died from coronavirus after dying in a car accident.

“It’s true that most people who are at serious risk of dying from COVID-19 are those who are about to die from other diseases, but young and healthy people are dropping dead left and right too!” Florida coronavirus Czar Jed Goebbels said.

The Daytona man was not officially tested for coronavirus, but the doctor was pretty sure he had it and that a coughing fit was what caused him to be hit from behind by an 18-wheeler semi truck. “The victim died from complications to COVID-19 0.00001 seconds after he was flattened by the semi.”

The hospital will receive approximately $1.3 million for each COVID death but administrators assure us that this has nothing to do with the way the death was coded.

“This just goes to show that everyone needs to be fearful on this disease, not just a subset of unhealthy old-timers,” Goebbels added. “Everyone needs to panic a little more.”

For information on how to panic more during this crisis, please read GT’s Guide on Panicking during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

The Florida Democratic Committee on Economic Destruction celebrated the news of the untimely death after forcing Governor DeSantis to enact stay at home orders last week.

“Deaths like this prove that we are correct in shutting down the economy in order to protect people from this awful disease.”


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