Police violate social distancing to arrest man for violating social distancing by practicing social distancing

Los Angeles County Sheriffs violated social distancing measures in order to arrest a man for violating social distancing measures by practicing social distancing measures in the middle of the ocean amid coronavirus lockdown.

Bystanders recorded video of the incident near Malibu Pier yesterday.

It showed a man on a paddle board glide inside the choppy waters while lifeguards were telling him to come back ashore.

“Don’t go there! You can’t go there because coronavirus!” Lifeguards yelled at the man.

But authorities said that when the paddle boarder refused to listen, lifeguards asked the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to help to shut down the horrific violation of the rule.

Governor Gavin Newsom said that he would personally execute the man who violated his order to stay home where he would be safe.

Coronavirus has infected millions of people across the country by making them batshit crazy.


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