Generous Americans donate their vaccines to undocumented immigrants

US—Millions of generous Americans are forgoing their COVID vaccines to make sure that the millions of undocumented immigrants pouring in through the Southern Border will get them but the stingy Biden administration has so far refused the donations.

“We just want to make sure all those nice people coming into our country have the best healthcare,” one vaccine donator Chris Cringle told Genesius Times. “It’s not that I don’t trust Fauci or the pharmaceutical-industrial complex; I just really want to give my vaccine to someone in need this Christmas season.”

Americans wishing to donate their vaccines just need to text “For just benefits” or “FJB” to 30330.

Since Biden’s robust inflation has wiped out any financial gains for most families this year, the vaccine is the only thing they can give.

“I lost my job and I don’t have anything to give. But I will give everything and that means giving up that wonderful vaccine to someone who could really use it,” Cringle said.


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