Greta Thunberg sails away on hot air balloon powered by her own fiery breath

Opposed to the horrific gas guzzlers that are transatlantic jet liners, Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg arrived in the US via a zero-emission sailboat.

Just weeks later, after completely decimating the hypocrisy of the UN climate community and burning holes in the back of President Trump with her eyes, Thunberg is off again.

This time she is sailing away on a hot air balloon powered only by her fiery breath.

Granted, this vessel is not zero-emissions like her sailboat. This Greta-breath balloon does create CO2, but not more than when the 16-year-old laid waste to the UN Panel on Climate Hyperbole earlier this week.

It was rumored that Greta was leaving the US to avoid answering questions about her parents. Genius Times have discovered that Thunberg is actually the lovechild of Bill Nye and an IKEA store in Sweden.


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