Jimmy Kimmel credits being vaxxed and boosted for getting COVID 2 times in a month instead of 3

HOLLYWOOD—Legacy late night television star Jimmy Kimmel continues to test positive for COVID-19.

Earlier this month, the 54-year-old late-night talk show host announced that he was taking a break from hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live! after he tested positive for the virus.

On Tuesday (May 17), Jimmy revealed that he got COVID again.

Kimmel credited being double-vaxxed and boosted for getting COVID just two times in a month instead of three or more.

Kimmel says he doesn’t have feeling in half of his face and is suffering from other neurological damage from the vaccine but it was worth it so that he didn’t get COVID for the third time in a month instead of just two.

“The vaccine may have given me VAIDS but at least there’s a 12% chance I’m going to get COVID fewer times—I think,” Kimmel said.


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