Julian Castro’s new “disarm hate” plan will permit liberals to hunt Trump voters for sport

Julian Castro just released a plan to effectively end the unnecessary violence in America. Using his thinking cap, and building off the recent Trump donor doxxing by his brother, the possible future president explained his cutting edge new plan to “disarm hate.”

Castro said, “You see the root of all violence is Trump voters, and of course Republican voters in general. We once lived in a violence free utopia before Republicans, and I plan to lead us back with my innovative new plan. Disarm Hate will put the power back into bourgeois white liberal hands by providing them free hunting rifles and a license to seek out deplorable Trump voters and murder them for sport.”

The genius of it is that it will be enacted in a three point plan. Step one, the federal government will restrict firearm ownership for any mental health reason. Step two will rely on the over represented liberals in psychiatry to declare all Republican voters mentally ill, and with step three the fed will provide rifles and hunting permits to the just and peaceful Democrat voters. And just like that we ‘disarm hate’ by killing all the hateful Republicans.

I must say, Castro just went from a nominally interesting candidate to getting my vote with a single policy proposal. What a smart man!


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