Local Libertarian eagerly awaiting Trump’s opinion to hate it

HARTFORD, CT—Too busy with the holidays to keep up with the news, Libertarian voter Michael McStuffing is patiently waiting for President Donald Trump to act on the relief bill so he can complain about it.

Michael lives down the street on gated property from fellow interviewees Democrat Daniel McGravy and Republican Gregory McTater.

While cleaning his arsenal of weapons, he conceded not reading the bill but is confident that it is the worst thing ever and will protest on social media in a few days once it reaches the White House.

“Is $2,000 to each citizen the right thing to do? Of course not,” McStuffing told reporters. “I’m ready to complain online about the president and the federal government. Whatever it is they end up doing.”

The self-proclaimed ‘freedom junkie’ was eager to share his expertise on all things political, including the Tenth Amendment.

“People are losing everything. Now is not the time for federal intervention,” McStuffing told reporters, who pointed out Donald Trump hasn’t mandated any of the lockdowns.

“In that case, the feds need to step in and get these tyrannical governors under control.”


"Excuse me, has this joke been fact-checked?"

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