Local woman continues family tradition of hyphenated name to smash the patriarchy

Janice Smith-Wilson-Johannes-Rodriguez, a child of progressive parents and grandparents was born to Jimbo Johannes-Rodriguez and Sha’nay Smith-Wilson. She always knew that she too would hyphenate her name to preserve her family culture and tradition if she ever married.

“I come from a long line of strong, independent women who refuse to let their identities be erased by the patriarchy,” Smith-Wilson-Johannes-Rodriguez declared in a press conference outside her apartment complex. “I will not allow myself to be reduced to just one last name. I deserve to have both of my parents’ names recognized and respected.”

What she never expected was that the love of her life would also be born to equally progressive parents. Janice’s new name, Janice Smith-Wilson-Johannes-Rodriguez-McKinley-Njigba-Eragon-Potter, sees the two spouses combining their hyphenated names into a record breaking jumbo-hyphenated name.

And soon, that name will grow even longer as Janice and her spouse plan to add the surname of the child they are adopting from Korea, Kim.

Smith-Wilson-Johannes-Rodriguez-McKinley-Njigba-Eragon-Potter’s decision to hyphenate her name has caused controversy among her more traditional family members, who argue that it will make things confusing and difficult for future generations. But Smith-Wilson-Johannes-Rodriguez-McKinley-Njigba-Eragon-Potter remains firm in her resolve.


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