STUDY: Time travels 3.4 times faster using a chocolate Advent calendar

Albert Einstein would have appreciated this news. A new study released in the Annals of Physics has shown that time travels 3.4 times faster on a chocolate Advent calendar, adding some backing to Einstein’s theory of relativity.

“I don’t know how it happened,” Brit Fulong of Denver said of her chocolate Advent calendar. “Advent just started but according to the calendar, we’re already at December 16th!”

Researchers looked at Advent calendars across the United States and discovered that time goes much faster and the chocolates are gobbled up much quicker than in other calendars.

“We don’t have a framework yet of how this is happening, but it’s definitely happening,” study author Mars Milkbar said while wiping a smudge of chocolate from the corner of his mouth.

The researchers are looking into time travel on wine and whiskey Advent calendars too. They expect to see similar results.