Merriam-Webster removes words with ‘black’ in them from dictionary for their ties to slavery


As of this morning there have been over a dozen new ‘movements’. GT has reported on several including many that reach into the bowels of this great country of ours. But there are some that deserve in-depth reporting as only GT can do.

One such movement involves removing ‘blacktop’ from the vernacular and replacing it with ‘darkened, but not necessarily black, driving surface’. It seems many non-White drivers have been driving either on the shoulders or grass of our nation’s roadways just to avoid the shame of driving over ‘blacktop’. This needs to stop now and legislation is slowly winding its way through Congress.

And blacklisting. What’s up with that? Not everyone who has been shadowbanned is black. From now on it will be referred to as ‘Toxic Avoidance Syndrome of not necessarily black people but could be sometimes even though they’ve suffered under Slavery so shouldn’t be banned in the first place”.

Blackboards. Sure they’re black but luckily that has been revised by none other than Karl Rove who invented the whiteboard. Yes he’s a Republican and thus a racist and white supremacist but school systems around the country are now in the process of changing all blackboards to ‘boards of color’. The term whiteboard is white supremacist and is therefore also banned.

Many other things such as blackjack, blackmail, blackheads (aka pimples), and blackouts are all being revised as we speak.

The Black Lives Matter movement is also banned and must be called something else.


"Excuse me, has this joke been fact-checked?"

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