Millions of American pets eager to vote by mail in their first presidential election this year

US—With the consequential 2020 presidential election less than three months away, a determined Congress is pushing to ensure that tens of millions of ballots are mailed to every individual on the pristine voter rolls.

American pets, which make up 12 percent of the current voting rolls, are thrilled to participate in the democratic process of electing a new president and excited to cast their ballots my mail.

Woody, a German Shepherd from Fair Haven, New Jersey assured the mailman that he will most certainly be welcome on her porch when delivers her presidential ballot. Woody lamented only receiving 3 ballots in the 2016 race and hopes to get her paws on more this year.

Miss Ginger and Miss Pressie of Nantucket, MA (cohabitating Yorkshire Terriers from different litters) signaled their intentions to vote Democratic straight down the ticket. “Vote early, vote aarf-ten!” they maintained in unison between bites of Zukes chicken-flavored treats.

In Brownsville, Vermont, Riley the Boston Terrier has seen his share of elections during 16 human years as a loyal lap dog. He would not disclose who his pick for president would be would be but, like his kindred sister in New Jersey, will allow the postman safe passage through the electric fence onto his property.

Curiously, Mr. Freckles and his brother Oreo, medium-haired mixed breed house cats from Rehoboth Beach, Delaware both received early ballots despite having passed over the Rainbow Bridge nearly 3 years ago. “They were great cats who loved their family,” according to their owners who will honor their memory by casting their ballots by mail.


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