Most Americans ‘pretty sure’ the people who lied about COVID are telling the truth about Ukraine

US—A recent poll by the Pew Pew Center found that a majority of Americans are “pretty sure” that the people who lied about everything regarding the COVID pandemic are now telling the truth about the Ukraine crisis.

The result spanned all demographics.

“I know the mainstream media, the government, and all the big corporations lied their asses off about COVID. But that was then. I know they’re telling the truth about Ukraine,” Philadelphia resident and Ukraine supporter Phil Adolph said.

In a total coincidence, the pandemic, which had occupied the entire news cycle for 2 years was replaced overnight by the Russian invasion. Now the same people who spread misinformation about COVID is telling people what to think about Ukraine.

“Look, I know the media and government lie about everything. But this is different. They wouldn’t lie about a war,” Adolph said. “We gotta trust them this time.”

Genesius Times has obtained this video of lots of horrifyingly truthful misinformation that our fake news competition don’t want you see:


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