NEW: AOC reveals she is a Holocaust survivor


NEW YORK—Desperate for attention, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez announced new layers to her victim status by describing her very real experience surviving a Nazi concentration camp. 

“There I was, picking out crayons for my coloring book when Nazis kicked in my door to take me away,” the popular socialist told her followers via webcam. “He looked at me with such anger and hostility. I thought I was going to die.”

She then described being transferred to a concentration camp by Ted Cruz, only pausing to wipe away her very real tears.

“The real horror started when I was sexually assaulted by not-a-real-socialist Adolf Hitler on an hourly basis,” she said while snacking on paste. “It finally ended when I was rescued by brave Palestinian trans-women of color.”

The survivor described the struggle of living with her very real experience. “I haven’t had PTSD this bad since Christopher Columbus murdered my entire family in front of me.”