Migrants protest ‘racist’ Indigenous Peoples’ Day in Europe

Migrants across Europe protested Indigenous Peoples’ Day set to coincide with the celebration in the United States.

According to authorities, it’s only good to celebrate indigenous peoples when those peoples are from outside Europe, even if they’re not really indigenous as in the case of North American indigenous peoples.

“People who want to celebrate the indigenous peoples of Europe are just xenophobic racists!” one migrant protester from Syria yelled. “Sweden and the UK need to be celebrating us Arabs or they’re racist!”

Several Democratic presidential candidates joined with the protest and condemned indigenous peoples of Europe.

“We stand with our migrant brothers and sisters,” US Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren said, “and condemn Indigenous Peoples’ Day in Europe. It’s only okay here where we can celebrate the heritage of my people.”

“We should absolutely celebrate the indigenous peoples of North America. But it’s racist to celebrate the indigenous peoples of Europe,” she added.


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