Obama abruptly quits taking credit for the economy after stock market plunge

After a month-long feud with President Trump about who should receive credit for the booming economy, former President Barack Obama abruptly quit taking credit after the stock market took a disastrous plunge this week.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, this is Trump’s economy,” Obama said in between short sales of his stocks. “I didn’t built that. Trump did.”

Stocks have plummeted and some attribute the fall to the coronavirus outbreak that is threatening to be 1/400000th as deadly as the annual influenza.

“You see, my effect on the economy lasted up until about last week. Since then, it’s been all Trump,” Obama said.

Bets are now that the Federal Reserve will cut U.S. interest rates as soon as next month and other major central banks will follow to try and nurse economies through the troubles and stave off a global recession.

“If, somehow, the economy is saved, I will again take credit for it,” Obama added.