Ocasio-Cortez hasn’t signed up for a 401k because she ‘couldn’t even finish a 5k’

Congressional superstar and House of Representatives Financial Committee member Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has stated that she has not signed up for the congressional 401k because as she said, “I couldn’t even finish a 5k.”

“I signed up for a fun 5k race a few years ago when I was a bartender,” Ocasio-Cortez said, “and I had to walk the last few miles. There’s NO WAY I could finish a 401k!”

When asked why she would give up such a beneficial financial tool, she said that she stayed healthy in other ways.

“I don’t smoke and I eat a lot of kale, so you could say that I’m kind of a health nut.”

Ocasio-Cortez hosts an online show Cooking With Communism, which shows viewers what it will be like under her totalitarian communist regime when they’re forced to cook their pets.