BREAKING: Bernie 2020 campaign viciously attacked by law of economics

The Bernie Sanders 2020 presidential campaign was viciously attacked yesterday by a masked assailant that appeared to be a law of economics.

“We were completely blindsided by this horrible and egregious attack on innocent socialists,” Bernie campaign manager Seymore Butts said. ” There’s just no excuse. It’s a hate crime really.”

The attack came after Sanders- an advocate of a nationwide minimum wage of $15 an hour— rejected pleas from his own staffers to be paid $15 an hour themselves.

“I mean I’m sitting here making signs that claim $15/hr is a human right and I’m getting paid $8.”

That’s when the first attack happened. 

“The law of economics sucker punched us making us lower hours in order to provide higher wages. Then it drive so e of our employees away to higher paying jobs.”

At the time of publishing, no end to the brutal attack was in sight.