OPINION: It’s time to fire Tucker Carlson for killing the last wild Triceratops


#FireTuckerCarlson is trending and I’m totally in support of it but not because of why other people think he should be fired. People hate Tucker because he said white supremacy is a hoax, but I hate him because he did something that is definitely not a hoax: he killed the last wild Triceratops.

There’s evidence. I’ve seen it on the Internet so it’s true.

Tucker Carlson is a cold-blooded Triceratops killer. Period.

Therefore, he should be fired from his position of privilege and not be able to say all the hateful things he says like the left uses tactics to silence and intimidate.

Well that is a lie, and if anyone believes that I will personally come to their house and firebomb it. If you know anyone who says stuff like that, please let me know. Doxx them and let nature take its course.

Stop the hoax! Fire Tucker Carlson!


"Excuse me, has this joke been fact-checked?"

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