Enlightened progressive recycles platitude ‘Prayers won’t change anything’ for the 278th time this year

Cue the eye-rolls. In the wake of tragedy, a nation full of people capable of doing little more than praying, many Americans express solidarity to the victims with ‘thoughts and prayers.’ But John Delmore has had enough of the tired platitude, and thus has shown his ideological enlightenment by tweeting out the equally well-worn platitude, “prayers won’t change anything… Do something”

Then Mr. Delmore proceeded to go on about his life altogether forgetting about the tragedy. “There are things to do in life that prohibits me from just packing up and traveling to ground zero and affecting real change. I have dogs to feed, groceries to purchase, and hell World of Warcraft is not going to play itself. How can anyone expect me to put acquiring a diamond sword and level 30 experience for at least a month while I help people in dire need? So I made a tweet and now I feel superior to all those moral ingrates who pray and then often aid in tragedy.”

John Delmore makes a good point. Who can really expect him to do anything meaningful? He is but a guy, and besides that is the government’s job. Sure the federal government is horrible in the wake of tragedy, its legislation almost always backfires, innocent people often wind up in jail in the process, and it doesn’t even undo the tragedy but that is why we elected those people. Do your jobs! Don’t say prayers! Tweet out your banal platitudes and let Uncle Sam figure out the rest!


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