Woman with ‘My Body My Choice’ shirt yells at people who oppose mandatory vaccination


A woman with a “My Body My Choice” shirt has been stationed at a local Target store screaming at selfish people who carelessly risk others’ lives opposing mandatory vaccination.

“You are killing people by not getting vaccinated!” She yelled at a shopper who seemed perfectly healthy. “You selfish little brats! I hope you die!”

Madatory COVID vaccination is under consideration in many states as the death toll surpassed 300,000 earlier this month.

The screaming woman, who would only be identified by the name Karen, was clearly a big proponent of abortion rights, proudly displaying her “My Body My Choice” shirt.

“You don’t have the right to deny vaccination! How dare you think you can just choose to be in public without injecting a drug for which the manufacturer has no liability!” she yelled at a young couple pushing their toddler in a stroller.

Karen has yet to receive the vaccine herself.

“You are not competent enough to understand that I didn’t get vaccinated yet because I need to be out here telling people to get vaccinated! Ahhhhh!” she yelled.


"Excuse me, has this joke been fact-checked?"

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