OPINION: Science clearly says vaccines are safe so we must censor any science that says otherwise

The science is settled. It’s so painfully obvious. Vaccines are safe and effective.

Never mind that the studies used to approve the vaccines do not include an inert placebo control group and typically account for side effects only up to a couple days after injection.

Never mind that there is a double standard for vaccines in which manufacturers cannot be sued for injuries caused by vaccines.

Never mind that reports of adverse events following vaccinations in the VAERS database are less than 1% of actual adverse events.

Never mind all that. Vaccines are safe. Reporters on CNN have said it.

Vaccines do not cause autism either. The CDC website says so! And they point to a highly reputable study that clearly states, “for the majority of cases (135 vaccine-adverse event pairs), the evidence was inadequate to accept or reject a causal relationship.”

So, clearly, the science is settled on vaccines. That’s why we need to censor any new science—especially biological science—that states that there are potential long-term risks for certain people who receive vaccines.

All the recent studies showing that the aluminum in vaccines is a neurotoxin that biopersists and travels to the brain via macrophages after immune reactions and causes autism-like behavior in mice, sheep, and humans—that all needs to be censored.

The old science has been done and accepted by all the experts so any new science that contradicts that must be eliminated from the conversation completely. The scientists who conducted these new studies should have their credentials revoked and the people who read and analyze the studies should be arrested and thrown into a concentration camp for science deniers.

We cannot risk letting new science change the consensus of all the leading pharmaceutical-backed lobbyist and interest groups.

So, we must censor and imprison any hint of dissent. That’s the only way to preserve this abundantly obvious scientific consensus.