Oprah explains to Whoopi how real power is when white people can’t fire you


NEW YORK—Whoopi Goldberg, after being suspended from her job at ABC’s ‘The View’ met with Oprah to vent about the punishment. She admitted, she had momentarily forgot she worked for white people and a lot of them are Jews.

Oprah nodded in agreement and quipped, “Yeah, there are some advantages to being your own boss. Also, to not working for ABC, who is owned by Disney, who’s CEO is Bob Chapek, who’s dad fought in WWII killing Nazis to save Jews.

Whoopi lamented that she wasn’t trying to demean the importance of Jews, just that, to her, blacks are a little higher up on the food chain and the suffering that blacks endure… well, she’s not sure being starved to the point of death and then baked in an oven measures up to having to waive down three cabs before one stops and picks you up.

Oprah added, “Yeah, well, you kind of stepped in it on that one, but I will admit, being able to throw Hitler comparisons around is fun as beans.”


"Excuse me, has this joke been fact-checked?"

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