Pete Buttigieg takes sexy selfie at mass grave for South Bend abortion victims

Pete Buttigieg took time out of his busy presidential campaign yesterday to flash a peace sign and smirk on a selfie at the mass grave of 2,411 South Bend abortion victims stored at abortionist Ulrich Klopfer’s home.

While mayor of South Bend, Buttigieg bravely helped the sick and twisted Klopfer keep his abortion mill open and side-step state regulations in order to ensure the mass murder would continue.

He decided to commemorate their burial with a sexy selfie and his husband smiling admiringly at him.

Buttigieg is no stranger to sexy selfies at mass murder memorials. In 2017, after the Deep State had selected Buttigieg to be their nominee for the Democratic ticket, the below picture of Buttigieg’s come hither pose at Berlin’s Holocaust Memorial went viral:

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This guy.

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Buttigieg has said that he hopes that the discovery of mass graves won’t in any way inhibit the free and safe genocide that created it.