Bill Gates disappointed his population control coronavirus hasn’t killed more

The population control bioweapon coronavirus is on the move again. It has now spread throughout China. Next stop, who knows? However, the world is watching and has been placed on Pandemic notice. Most billionaire psychopaths would be happy, but not Bill Gates. He is disappointed that his population control disease hasn’t eliminated more.

“Initially, we wanted to decrease the population from about 1.4 billion to 1.4 million, a 99.9% reduction but this was felt a bit too extreme. Thusly, the target was then changed to just cut the population in half. But we’re nowhere close to even that,” Gates said in an interview.

Genesius Times’s medical reporter, Sickly Neverwell, has had access to P.F. Chang’s infra-red Coronavirus mapping satellites that can track and predict where the deadly virus came from and where it’s going. Initial reports revealed the source to be John Bolton’s mustache. That theory has now been challenged.

The newly uncovered images reveal the virus was located and weaponized in Wuhan which is exactly in the middle of the most populated parts of China. The location was deemed ‘perfect’ by the Gates Foundation which worked with the Chinese Communist Population Control Committee headed up by Dr. Tsu Mni Chinks. Upon further investigation, the weaponized virus was initially placed on baseball bats, but because the Chinese are famous for playing telephone, the source was transformed into ‘bat soup’.

Records now uncovered from the Dept. of Chinese takeout reveal this dastardly plot was initially intended to only affect the Chinese by attaching to the specific gene that does not allow them to pronounce the letter R.

“The beauty with biowarfare,” added Gates, “is that you can always modify and try again.”

This is a developing story. Check back every few nanoseconds to remain up to date.