Protesters tear down statue of Michael Jackson after pictures of him wearing blackface surface

LOS ANGELES–Millions of Michael Jackson fans are burning his albums and people are tearing down statues of the deceased King of Pop after pictures of him wearing blackface have surfaced.

“I can’t believe he did that,” one fan, Katrina from Peoria, Illinois said. “Of all the people in the world, I thought Michael would be immune from such vile racism. It’s really saddening.”

The pictures, obtained exclusively by Genesius Times, show the performer with a very thorough brown makeup job and a fake afro.

“I for one am appalled that such a hero for so many young kids would have done something so sinister,” Speaker of the US House Nancy Pelosi said wearing a kente cloth during a pandering session in Washington DC.

Racial tensions have flared recently in the US and around the world after the police killing of George Floyd was staged videotaped in Minneapolis in May.

Leader of the Marxist activist group Black Lives Matter said that Jackson was now anathema before a small group of protesters pulled down a Jackson statue in Miami. “He is clearly a racist and we must tear all statues honoring racists killers.”