PETITION: Tear down this monument to slavery!

Everyone’s tearing down inanimate objects that have some association with slavery—and sometimes that don’t have anything to do with slavery.

It’s time we tear down one monument that has perpetuated slavery even in spite of the 13th Amendment, which ostensibly abolished slavery.

Slavery wasn’t abolished. It was legitimized even more and enshrined through the Internal Revenue Service. Now, the only people who aren’t slaves are the lizard people that work for the Federal Reserve.

People are spending all this time taking down statues of people who aren’t affecting anyone except for the people who pass by them on the way to work.

But the IRS affects everyone every day, making them slaves to the government!

That’s why I’m starting a petition to tear down this monument to slavery.

People! Black Lives Matter and if you don’t want to tear this monument to slavery down, you are definitely a racist.

923475 have signed. Can we get to 1,000,000?