Putin wins Nobel Peace Prize for painting ‘Black Lives Matter’ on his invading tanks

OSLO—The International Nobel Committee has awarded Vladimir Putin with the 2022 Nobel Peace Prize after it was discovered he’s invading Ukraine to support Black Lives Matter.

“Yes, it’s true Putin is causing massive destruction and killing people,” Nobel Committee Chairman Lars von Smorasbord said, “but it’s clear it’s for a good cause.

The Nobel Prize is usually announced in October but the committee decided there was no competition this year and decided to award Putin ahead of time.

The Russian president has built a career on making war and destroying things, but the Nobel Committee couldn’t help but award him for his latest stunning and brave move.

“He could burn down every city in Ukraine and he would still win the Peace Prize because of his newfound dedication to racial justice,” Smorasbord said.

Many advisors warned against Putin invading a sovereign nation for no good reason, but each one seemed to support the idea of invading Ukraine for Black Lives Matter.


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