Rude asteroid ignores all guidance on social distancing with Earth

Looks like the looting, riots, arson and mayhem have pissed someone off. We think we know who but would rather not say. One consideration is Odin since he’s really strong and gets pissed pretty easily but since it’s not going to be a direct hit it’s probably someone a bit more subtle and intellectual.

The third rock from the sun is having a meltdown according to the MSM. Naturally, that means things are fine. If they weren’t, the snowflakes would abandon their posts and ‘no news for you, come back one year’. Saweeeet/

This all raises the question, does our higher power actually live in a glass house? Nah, too smart for that. Why? Construction costs alone to rebuild a glass structure that far out of town would mount up pretty quickly. Travel restrictions due to COVID-19, gas, celestial pickups at Home Depot at 5:00AM, overtime costs…….

The fact that this rock is exactly the size of a Chevy Truck dealership may not be a coincidence:

So what is the proper distancing for asteroids? Six feet seems a bit close. So we asked the world’s expert on distancing, Dr. Anthony Strangelo…er Fauci. “Our models show that the proper distancing for asteroids is at least 12 light years but with a mask, maybe 12 feet? If you give us enough time we can order an extra-large mask from China. And hey, I’ve got Amazon Prime so we can have it by tomorrow.”

So there we have it. A near miss as a warning from above that says, “Hey earthdickheads, get your damn act together. You don’t want a next time.” Naturally, you will only hear about this from GT, so at least you’ll know it’s kinda true. Well…. mostly.


"Excuse me, has this joke been fact-checked?"

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