Sen. Whitehouse’s all-white beach club to be renamed ‘George Floyd Ghetto Golf’

The Democrat Party is dependent on making sure they are not blamed for their racist actions towards black such as slavery, segregation, the KKK, welfare dependency, and abortion. Democrat US Senator from the People’s Republic of Rhode Island Sheldon Whitehouse has been attending an elitist whites-only golf club known as Bailey’s Beach Club.

The issue is getting harder to hide by mainstream media and Big Tech. Senator Whitehouse and other Democrats need more street cred in order to repeat BLM Critical Race Theory talking points at Republicans.

It has therefore been decided that the Bailey’s Beach Club will be renamed after what the Left has decided is the greatest black man to have ever or will ever live: George Fentanyl Floyd.

his image will cure blindness if you are darker than a paper bag

Praising the career criminal who overdosed on Chinese manufactured narcotics likely smuggled across the Mexican border has already solved so many problems in the world today.

Now it can help yet another Democrat in regards to race relations. In addition to the name change, multiple statues in gold, silver, bronze, and wood will be on display for worship.

There will also be 3 liquor stores, a fried chicken restaurant later to be named, and Unitarian church installed on the golf premises. Asians will be blocked from entering just like with Ivy League schools, but members of the Chinese Government will be allowed.

Black conservatives will still be banned from premises.


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