Singer Sam Smith have come out as plural

Pop Star Sam Smith evidently did not get enough attention coming out as gay earlier this year so they has upped their intersectionality by coming out as plural, insisting people refer to they as they/them.

“Some days I’ve got my singular side and some days I’ve got my plural side, but it’s when I’m in the middle of that switch I get really, really depressed and sad,” Smith said just after putting down a crack pipe.

Many people (actually plural) have praised the bravery and stunningness of Smith’s dedication to the plural population.

Speaking of theirself only, they said, “Because we don’t know who we am or where we am or what we’re doing and we feel very misunderstood by weself. We realised that’s because we don’t fit into either.”

Several people (also actually plural) have criticized the move, saying that it makes grammar difficult.

“What the hell does grammar matter when we’re dealing with my feelings? I mean our feelings?”

The move comes shortly after The American Psychological Association removed multiple personality disorder from the DSM.