Smith & Wesson names Antifa their #1 salesman for 2020


It looks like gun sales are through the roof. It seems like not only is there a 6-month waiting list for some firearms but prices have doubled and in some cases tripled. But what could possibly have caused guns to fly off the shelves faster than a 12-pack of toilet paper?

Since Donald Trump is the cause of everything it must be his fault. He is obviously the cause of all the rioting, looting, arson, murder, and rape in Democrat-run cities. Word on the street is the president is a closeted gay liberal, secretly coordinating the chaos so he can be re-elected and come out of the closet. That sounds right.

Maybe people are buying guns to kill all those selfish individuals who neither wear a mask nor social distance. Why not since there are no longer any police departments? Maybe the social workers can figure all this out. Or maybe we’ll just kill the social workers for fun. People are really bored.

With the CDC, WHO, and Democrats predicting unending waves of COVFEFE-19, maybe people are buying guns to rob ICU beds and ventilators or just kick people off ventilators at gunpoint? That could be messy.

Or maybe, just maybe none of the above explains the gun craze. Maybe it’s the madness seen in just about every major city. Maybe the citizenry is preparing for an all-out civil war. Maybe. No. Definitely. That should end well.


"Excuse me, has this joke been fact-checked?"

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