SNL writers desperate for jokes, plead: ‘If only the Bidens would do something worth making fun of’

In a perplexing turn of events, the Saturday Night Live (SNL) writing team found themselves in an uncharted territory as they struggled to unearth satirical gold from the seemingly flawless lives of the Bidens. The anticipation for SNL’s cold open turned into an existential crisis for the writers, led by the ironically named head writer, Kahm Eddie Isded.

As the writers sat in silence, surrounded by the hum of hundreds of newspapers and the glow of every TV tuned to the news, a sense of melancholy permeated the room. The elusive nature of satire, it seemed, had taken a vacation, leaving the SNL team in an awkward comedic purgatory.

Head writer Kahm Eddie Isded, known for his razor-sharp wit, expressed his dismay, saying, “There is nothing that the Bidens do that warrants satire. It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack made of marshmallows – soft and completely devoid of sharp edges. I mean, even the first lady is nearly as perfect as Michelle. Where’s the material? I wish she’d at least develop a quirky accent or something.”

The comedic desperation reached its zenith as Kahm Eddie Isded pondered the satirical potential of Hunter Biden, who seemed to float above the comedic fray like an ethereal being. “And Hunter, what has he ever done that could be satirical? He’s practically as pure and angelic as Malia and Sasha. It’s like trying to mock a fluffy cloud,” lamented Isded.

Even the president, who was expected to provide ample material, stood as an almost impervious pillar of perfection in the eyes of the SNL writers. “He’s as close to perfect as Obama – if only he’d trip on some steps, mumble incoherently, or engage in a bit of classic presidential slapstick. Comedy gods, give us a sign!” pleaded Kahm Eddie Isded, looking to the heavens for comedic inspiration.

Just as the pallor of comedic despair settled over the room, a writer burst in with an idea about Trump. The sudden intrusion ignited a spark of hope, prompting Kahm Eddie Isded to look skyward and mutter, “Comedy is not dead.” The quest for satire continues, and SNL’s writers hope that somewhere in the comedic cosmos, a banana peel awaits the Bidens’ unwitting arrival.


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