Texas publishes helpful map for Californians looking to move to the state

AUSTIN—The Texas Board of Californian Resettlement (TBCR) has published a helpful map for all the Californians seeking asylum in their state.

After a year of insane COVID measures and ridiculous mismanagement and hypocrisy from the state leadership including Governor Gavin Newsom, Californians are leaving the state in record numbers. And most of those refugees are heading to Texas.

“That’s why we published this handy map. It shows you exactly how to get to all of our main cities,” Texas Governor Greg Abbott said in a press conference announcing the relocation program. “We also made it clear what unappealing states (like Oklahoma) they should avoid.”

The map will be in brochure format, but the TBCR also has an app that you can download so Californian Zoomers can get access to the Lonestar state as well.


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