ABC slammed as racist for casting first black ‘Bachelor’ for reasons other than his race

New York—ABC is being criticized for casting the first black “Bachelor” for reasons other than his race. Matt James, a 28 year-old real estate broker will fill the titular role by going on extravagant dates and making out with women, all while stringing a dozen or so of them along, up until the finale.

“Look the guy is a stud—a real catch. We thought maybe, just maybe we didn’t have to play the race card here,” ABC President Jonnie Davis said.

Davis then added that Matt James has a winning personality and that by casting James, Davis and ABC are really doing the young man a service. Getting dates as a handsome, 20-something who is involved in real estate are not as easy as some might think.

Critics were quick to attack the company for being racist.

“You’re telling me that you picked a black man for reasons other than the fact that he’s a black man? If that’s the case, then you’re racist and you need to be canceled,” said Bill Feston, president of Whites Taking Credit for Black Lives Matter.

Critics of the decision to cast James on the show have claimed that this is not a positive step forward but a blatant attempt to placate those who are concerned about racism. In spite of the criticisms, ABC vehemently has denied this on their website, twitter page, Facebook page, YouTube ads, newspaper ads, paper flyers, and stone carvings.

We approached a group of intelligent, well-respected leaders on race relations to comment on the decision of casting Mr. James but, not one of them wanted to talk to us. We had to settle for an interview with Joe Biden.

“I think it’s great that they cast James, I watch The Bachelor every time it’s on, as long as I’m awake,” said Biden, “As for whether or not they cast him because he is black, no, I don’t think that’s what has happened. After all, this young man had the audacity to hesitate to vote for me!”

Thank you, Biden, for that.